Local Business & Government

New Haven is the economic engine of south central Connecticut. There are over 20 biotechnology based companies in New Haven as well as major pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer and Bristol-Myers Squibb. Part of New Haven’s market strength comes from the six colleges and universities and two major hospitals located in the city as well. The greater New Haven region is home to national and world headquarters of many well-known businesses, including BIC, Pilot Pen, Schick, Subway Sandwiches, and Knights of Columbus.

General Information

The city of New Haven is part of New Haven County. New Haven itself is broken down into 30 distinct geographical wards, which elect neighborhood representatives, or Alderpersons, to sit on the city’s official governing body. The mayor and board of aldermen preside over local affairs and serve 2 year terms.

The city provides a number of services including police, fire, trash pickup and snow removal. Yale University also provides a number of these services on and around campus. In addition, Yale’s police force works in close partnership with the city’s to provide safety services for the entire community.

Major Business/Industry Groups