Child Care

The Yale WorkLife Program provides members of the Yale community with information on child care options on campus and in the surrounding communities. There are printed and on-line materials providing information about types of child care a family may consider, how to select quality care, and specific details for many licensed child care programs in the area. In addition to one-on-one meetings with the Child Care Coordinator, Child Care Information sessions are offered every other month.

General information

If you plan to give birth or adopt a child while at Yale or if you or already have a young child at home, you may need child care while you study or work at Yale. As early as possible, you should begin to explore your options, which range from center based care, family providers, nanny and au pair caregivers, family members, and babysitting and coop services. There are several Yale-affiliated child care centers, but the number of slots is limited, and admission is by application and not guaranteed to any student or employee.

The cost of child care varies from program to program, and can be impacted by the child’s age, number of hours in the program and other factors. Some programs may offer a sliding fee scale based on income and other types of financial assistance. Information on the cost of many area child care programs can be found in the Yale University Child Care Directory or by contacting child care programs directly for the most current fees.

* For eligible Yale community members only